Comments & Testimonials

Comments and testimonials on our products…

  • “It’s a perfect marriage of all the features we need in a lighting solution. All without any drawbacks” – Electrical Supplier
  • “I have never seen lights that use so little power and be so bright!” – Local Electrician
  • “Since replacing our old metal halide lights with your LED’s we now have much more light around our building, all while consuming less power and completely eliminating our lighting maintenance costs.” – Building Management, Local Strip Mall
  • “We were able to cut our building exterior lighting load from 3.6kW to only 360 watts. The custom colour light gave us the effect we wanted and we are thrilled to save money while helping the environment” – Owner, Commercial building
  • “No heat, the perfect colour light and extremely bright. It is the perfect lighting for photography. Models no longer have to endure the discomfort of the heat associated with normal lighting” – Local Photographer