Reflector Spread Explained

Some of our fixtures offer different reflector spreads. To understand what this means to specific lighting applications, below is a chart that offers an illustration of the reflector angle to light spread ratio.

The term “AFF” refers to the height the fixture is to be installed, measured from the floor. The “Resulting light spread” refers to the end to end width of the cone of light projected from the respective height.


light spread

To use this chart, simply choose the intended height the fixture is to be installed “AFF (Feet)”, then select the “Angle of Reflector”. The point at which these two values meet would be the resulting light spread.

Example: A fixture installed at a height of 20 feet with a Angle of Reflector of 60 degrees would give a light spread of 23.1 feet.

Should you have a specific height and would like us to provide a custom calculation, feel free to contact us with the respective details and we will reply within one business day.