The Difference

Having identified the characteristic flaws of traditional halogen, fluorescent and metal halide lighting mediums, we have worked very closely with the manufacturers of our products to employ the latest developments in LED chip and driver technology in our solutions. This was done in order to completely eliminate the recurring problems inherent with traditional lighting mediums which add considerable costs to the overhead expenses and profit margins of businesses.

The following are the money saving characteristics inherent in ALL of Niesoh’s Lighting solutions.

  • Consumes between 50-90% less energy than traditional lighting.
  • All our fixtures are rated to last 50,000 hours (10 years with 12 hour daily operation).
  • Our fixtures do not require any maintenance.
  • No heat. Fixture only gets warm to the touch. This reduces both the fire hazard and air conditioning loading.
  • No filament to blow.
  • No glass bulb to break.
  • Completely solid state. Shock proof and is suitable for rugged environments.
  • Do not operate under high pressures (eg. metal halide).
  • Do not contain toxic materials (phosphorous, mercury etc).
  • Our fixtures do not experience lumen depreciation/decay as traditional lighting with our decay rate tested at <1% per 1,000 hours of operation.
  • We offer all fixtures in distinct colour temperatures.
  • All our interior down-lighters and bulbs are dimmable.
  • Turns on at full brightness with no warm up time.
  • Can be turned on and off (cycled) immediately with no ill effects on lifetime.
  • Works well in extreme temperatures (eg. freezer rooms)
  • Produces zero ultraviolet light.
  • Our fixtures can be made to accept AC or DC power (suitable for construction equipment, forklifts, etc).
  • Has little impact on the environment to produce and dispose, requiring disposal significantly less than other lighting mediums.
  • Are 100% recyclable.
  • Full one year warranty on all interior fixtures and bulbs.
  • Full two year warranty on all exterior fixtures.