Versus Metal Halide

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The following are some of the inherent characteristics of traditional metal halide lighting (as seen above):

  • Experiences significant lumen depreciation (up to 40% after one year).
  • Becomes increasingly inefficient with time (light output depreciates while consuming same power).
  • Contains toxic materials (vaporized mercury).
  • Rated life approximately 10,000 hours.
  • Bulb orientation can adversely affect lifetime by up to 30%.
  • Operates at extremely high temperatures. Will burn skin if touched.
  • Poses a fire hazard due to the heat produced.
  • Creates significant load on air conditioning due to heat produced.
  • Operates at extremely high pressures and will explode if impacted.
  • Not rugged and will rupture if shocked.
  • Does not come in lower wattages for smaller applications (smallest is 175watt).
  • Not dimmable.
  • Requires approx 10 minutes to reach full brightness.
  • Can take up to 20 minutes to restart after turning off.
  • Can take up to 20 minutes to turn on in cold environments eg freezer rooms.
  • Only one colour temperature.
  • Produces high amounts of Ultra Violet light.
  • Noisy electrical components (buzzing and humming).
  • Has a greater impact on the environment to produce and dispose.